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Roof Maintenance


Loose or missing shingles? Loose or missing tiles? Aging buildings?


More than 25% of all roofing dollars are spent on unforeseen repairs. Increase that challenge by adding multiple properties or numerous locations, and your potential costs grow exponentially. Who has the budget for that?

The expense of inspecting and maintaining your roof is minimal compared to what you will spend repairing it. You can’t do much about Mother Nature, but you can prevent damage as a result of daily wear and tear.

Most roofs are designed to last for 30 years. The average age for tile, metal, and flat roofs is around 10-20 years, depending on your climate. Is it time to check yours? 

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Insurance Claims


At Roofing Analytics, LLC we are exceptionally well-versed in insurance and will adopt every measure available to ensure you will have your roof paid for in a short period of time.

We are well-connected in the insurance industry. This access allows us to expedite issues a lot faster than other companies that do not offer our full-range of services.

Disaster recovery and repairs are difficult enough to deal with without having to lose valuable operating time. You shouldn’t have to experience this dilemma.

We pride ourselves on helping your insurance company live up to its commitment to you as a policy holder in good standing!

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Roof Protection


Leaks? Water damage? Wind damage?

You want to be safe. You need to be dry and protected against unforeseen circumstances.

We offer emergency repair services and have created maintenance protection programs to safeguard you immediately when disaster strikes.

Our business protection program will help protect your livelihood. Ask us about it.

When disaster strikes, we typically call our customers before they call us. If they need us, we want to make sure we’re there. It’s one less thing for them to worry about.

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Disaster Recovery


Hurricanes? Tornadoes? Hail? Fire? Any force of nature?

Your furniture, your computer, and all of your office equipment could be destroyed. You need repair or restoration work performed by a professional that has extensive experience in disaster recovery and insurance claims.

Our teams are equipped to minimize the time it takes to get to you and minimize your out-of-pocket costs when you don’t need any more.

We understand what it takes to get you back in business.


“I like to see people live up to their word. That’s what we expect of ourselves and that’s the commitment we make to the customer.” Wesley C. Marshall, Special Project Manager

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Energy Conservation


Saving energy begins from the top down. Home and business owners should consider an RBS (radiant barrier system) to minimize radiant heat gain in the summer. An RBS is comprised of several sheets of aluminum that help to redirect harmful UV rays out of your attic to keep it cooler.

It’s primarily installed to reduce energy bills and improve comfort, especially in warmer climates. Your only opportunity to have an RBS installed is when you’re replacing or re-decking your roof and we highly recommend it. At Roofing Analytics, LLC we use the LP TechShield® Radiant Barrier. Our skilled roofing teams will install it at cost and it comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Another environmentally friendly way to conserve energy is to choose alternatives to conventional roof louvers: solar power ventilation or solar powered attic vents. The Attic Breeze is one of the most durable solar powered attic vents on the market and we are an authorized Attic Breeze distributor. It even stands up to hail and has a lifetime warranty. Unlike most electric power vents regulated by a thermostat, it works from sunrise to sunset so your attic is ventilated all day long and reduces your attic temperature anywhere from 25 – 40 degrees. 

Call us for information on federal incentives offered for both the purchase and installation of solar products.

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